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Why choosing SDEEC ?

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Heat pump systems are capturing attention as a decisive catalyst in efforts to preserve energy and are becoming on the unavoidable way for heating because they are more economic against any other heating system based on fossil energies. Besides the financial aspect, the energetic efficiency of SDEEC’s heat pumps makes them the ideal solution against the global warming and CO2 emissions.

SDEEC heat pumps (PAC in French, “Pompe à Chaleur”) are proven to provide a highly efficient heating even in cold climates (‐15C) and offer a Coefficient of Performance (COP) ‐which is the relation between the provided energy and consumed energy‐ up to 4.0 which means that to produce 4Kw of heat energy it is consumed only 1Kw of electric power, unlike the conventional boilers that only produce 1Kw of heat with 1Kw of energy. Besides the technology “Inverter” exist a new development of last generation in compressors, the Scroll Compressor with “Vapour Injection Technology – EVI”. This new technology satisfies high water temperature requirements.


The components technological evolution and the experience of our engineers allow us to lead the market delivering capacities up to 90 Kw. Over 30 years of experience supporting your home needs:

With a range of 72 heat pumps, our specialists will guide you in order to choose the most adequate solution to your needs based on a simple, reliable and evolutive installation that can integrate optional modules like solar panels, bi‐energy Whatever are your needs for a base configuration, either new or renew, you will find within our range of Air‐Source, or Geothermal Ground‐Source or Water‐Source the heat pump that fits your home needs. In substitution or changing your boiler, high or mid temperature, you will enjoy all the advantages of the renewable energies extracting profit of the free energy that surrounds you to warm your home, domestic hot water (DHW), swimming pool, etc.

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Extract profit of the credit of tax to invest in the renewable energies. You will avoid this way the CO2 emissions and the rate carbon in 2010 preserving our energetic capital. One leitmotiv, QUALITY, all our heat pumps are made 100% Stainless Steel and integrates the best components available in the market.

Do not hesitate anymore; SDEEC has a knowhow of 30 years in thermodynamic industrial systems. With its products totally made in France, SDEEC is the most specialized manufacturer in AIR‐WATER, WATER‐WATER and very especially in the substitution of boiler with its range of HIGH TEMPERATURE.


Do not wait any more and join the specialist in Heat Pumps !


Come to discover the new range of SDEEC’s heat pumps…

From 7 kW up to 110 kW
High and Mid Temperature Aerothermal/Geothermal
PAC65 | PAC60 | RM(P)55 | PAC‐I 55‐65|PACAO (HT)

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Obtain and maximize the energy with the heat pumps SDEEC A Heat Pump that preserves the Nature Choosing to warming up with the perfect heat pump, it is to choose an energy not pollutant and respectful of the nature. No fossil energy is being used. Any CO2 is being delivered to the atmosphere.
Minimizing the impact on the planet, the environment is preserved.


The renewable energies become unavoidable; this is why SDEEC puts all of its knowledge in execution to propose you a range of products that fits to all the configurations: Aerothermal, Geothermal, High and Mid temperature... Our heat pumps enjoy an experience of more than 30 years and are fully made in our factory near the city Montpellier.

From all these years, our engineering team conceives and makes thermodynamic systems for the industry, the army and the railway sector. Today, SDEEC puts all its experience to your service. Your company, office or home, needs an economic heating system that enjoys the last technologies. You will find all the answers to your questions in our product catalog.

When you are looking for save energy, SDEEC proposes you effective and economic solutions for heating. In replacement or substitution of your boiler, SDEEC today proposes a global and inseparable concept. Thanks to its heat pumps and accessories like, water tank and hydraulic kits, SDEEC wants to offer to its clients a relaxed and comfortable usage.

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Choose the heat pump that fits your needs ...


pompes a chaleur aerothermique haute temperature

pompes a chaleur aerothermique moyenne temperature

pompes a chaleur aerothermique bassetemperature

pompes a chaleur aerothermique basse temperature maison piscine

pompes a chaleur aerothermique haute temperature d'intérieur

pompes a chaleur aerothermique basse temperature réversible d'intérieur


pompes a chaleur geothermique haute temperature

pompes a chaleur geothermique haute temperature



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